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    Universal Rules

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    --Board Master--

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    default Universal Rules

    Post by Cloud on Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:12 am

    Every Forum must have it's rules and Auroh Shrine is no different. And to make sure these rules are kept in order we have our Admins(Fenrir) ~ Cloud and MadDong-95 ~ , our Moderators(Cerberus) ~ Yuna, Rukia and Rikku ~ and a group of top posters in a smaller Moderator Group(Rainbow). Anyone in any of the 3 groups is expected to keep order and make sure the rules below is followed. If they do not do as the rules say they will have to answer to me Hipity Happy ! So here are the rules ↓

    1)No racism or sexism. Infact no putting down all together.
    2)No rude language(some words are fine if it is not used to put others down in anyway)
    3)No bumping(posting just to make old topics new again.
    4)No impersonating(stealing others identities)
    5)Common Sence.
    6)And have fun!

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